Guangzhou to give additional 50% subsidy to electric vehicles

The government of Guangzhou in north China plans to provide local subsidies for pure electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid EVs, at 50% of the state subsidy from July 1, according to the government draft for public comments released on June 5.新能源车

Overall subsidies, including state and local subsidies, will not exceed 60% of the vehicle’s sale price. Local subsidies for fuel cell EVs will not exceed 100% of the state subsidy.

Such local subsides are applied to EVs that are bought, registered and used across Guangzhou and that are on the national new-energy vehicle (NEV) recommendation list. Subsidies have to be returned if the vehicle is moved out of the region within three years.

Additionally, the government plans to apply special license plates to NEVs to promote the use of NEVs. Lower parking fee and tolls for NEVs are also under discussion.

Source: SMM